PRACTICE AREASReal Estates & Construction

We provides the full range of legal services to corporate clients in various industries. We advise clients on corporate compliance and regulatory issues related to their business operations

REAL ESTATES & CONSTRUCTIONDefining success together

We advise and assist our clients in all types of property projects and transactions. Our services include legal research, intermediating with partners and/or local State authorities, drafting and preparing relevant documents for licenses, compiling and negotiating contractual agreements with relevant parties, post-licensing advice and assistance, etc.

PRACTICE AREASReal Estates & Construction

Advice and legal assessment: Advising on policies and statutory conditions of Vietnam on investment in the real estate business in Vietnam, with alerts on legal barriers to investors in this sector; Working out the possibility of obtaining licenses for investors’ specific property projects, and consideration of alternative solutions for obtaining approvals; Advising on appropriate legal forms for investors to engage in real property business; Providing up-to-date advice on all legal aspects related to land transactions; Advising on and drafting contracts and other documents relating to the acquisition and development of land and real estate projects.

Providing assessment on legal status of properties and real estate projects in order for recommending appropriate deal structures and conditions precedents for realizing transactions related to such properties and real estate projects.

Documentation for licenses: Counseling clients and drafting documents for obtaining relevant licenses for real estate projects; Reviewing existing documents to ensure their compliance with the laws of Vietnam;

Contract Drafting and Negotiation: Representing clients in contract drafting and/or negotiation with relevant party(ies) (e.g. property owners, developer of real estate project, third parties and Vietnamese authorities) in all matters for execution and implementation of real estate transactions (including transfer of real estate projects); Representing clients in making all necessary arrangements with property owners for land acquisition, etc.

Licensing works: Representing and/or assisting clients in submitting project applications and in completing procedures for obtaining necessary approvals for investment in real estate projects and implementation of real estate transactions.