PRACTICE AREASDispute Resolution

We provides the full range of legal services to corporate clients in various industries. We advise clients on corporate compliance and regulatory issues related to their business operations

DISPUTE RESOLUTIONDefining success together

We represent the clients in settling the commercial disputes in the courts and/or arbitration and/or out-of-court settlement.

PRACTICE AREASDispute Resolution

Advice and Documentation: Reviewing the dispute and advising the clients on all relevant aspects of the dispute, analysis of strengths, weakness and possible risks; Providing practical advice on course of actions and potential means of resolving the dispute; Preparing letter of demand, claim and/or counter-claim, etc. and all other documents toward solving the dispute; Reviewing, assessing and offering advice on existing documents related to disputes, including proofs and evidence.

Out-of-court Representation: Representing the clients in the negotiation and meditation of disputes with relevant parties out of courts.

Courts/Arbitration Proceedings: Acting as authorized representative and/or defense counsel of clients before courts and arbitration in Vietnam at all stages of proceedings.